About project

MARS Mobile Advertising is a mobile advertising application with advanced features to directly connect buyers and sellers globally. This platform enables small to medium-sized businesses to showcase their products and services at a very minimal cost to the vast audience using technology.

Our Challenges

  • They want to help small and medium business owners to promote their products/services at minimal cost
  • They want to connect buyers and sellers globally
  • They want to help owners to promote their products/ services by doing SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing etc

Our Solutions

  • We developed a mobile application named as “MARS”
  • We made the advertising world in simple and easy
  • Now buyers and sellers can be connected globally and directly
  • Advertisers can offer ads at minimal cost
  • We are doing all digital marketing services to the business owners


  • Mobile advertising
  • Product and services listing
  • Integration of online shopUse MARS to (Users)
  • Browse loaded adverts
  • Browse listed service companies
  • Browse listed online shops and products
  • Chat directly with seller or advertiser
  • Share adverts and products with friends on other social media platforms like FB
  • By items onlineUse MARS to (Sellers)
  • Advertise your products under the Ads section
  • List your company and the services that it provides
  • List your products under the Products section
  • Integrate your online shop directly by linking your website

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