Sankalp App

About project

Sankalp My Business App is the Ledger book for all the small/medium businesses and shop keepers, It allows you to maintain all the records of received and paid transactions, it tracks product purchased from suppliers, stock/Inventory, Product sold, Total profit/loss, Customers details, Debts on me, Debts on customers, Total expenses, Customer Invoices etc. It a solution for a complete business control on your fingertips in a very simple and friendly manner.

Our Challenges

  • They need to help small/medium businesses and shopkeepers to use and handle their ledger book easily
  • How to keep all types of incomes and expenses?
  • Can you provide us a strong database to keep all ledger records?
  • How users get easily their past reports in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis?
  • They need to Promote this ledger book app in all digital medias

Our Solutions

  • We developed a mobile app “Sankalp” is the Ledger book for all the small/medium businesses and shop keepers
  • By using this app, users can keep a record of their incomes and expenses
  • Users can record their product purchased, stock, inventory, the product sold, total profit/loss, customer details, debts on users, debts on customers, total expenses etc
  • Now customers are saving their valuable time to record their ledger book
  • Now they have more downloads with 4.8 ratings


  • Easy and Simple interface
  • No Accounting knowledge required
  • Available in Hindi
  • Multiple user access
  • Track Sales Record
  • Track Profit/Loss
  • Send Digital Invoices

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