Spin & Slice

About project

Spin & Slice offers professional group and private coaching to all ages & levels as well as drop-in options for people who simply want to play with their friends. Additionally, they offer a gym and fitness memberships.


  • They want to showcase its Tennis instituteTrainees should get a brief idea about Spin & Slice when they research for a “best institute for tennis training”
  • Their facilities and activities should be highlighted

Our Solutions

  • We developed a website for Spin & Slice
  • We have added all the details about trainers, court locations, timings etc
  • We have highlighted their facilities in detail
  • Appealing User Experience
  • Spin & Slice’s homepage is beautiful a visual narrative.
  • Optimized responsive pages allow browsing from smaller screens without sacrificing information or creating unacceptable load times.
  • Our strategy of presenting information in a clean, approachable manner increases comprehension of institute


Trainee can research about tennis coaching

Tennis academy could showcase their service as well as their facilities

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