Our CEO & Founder Got a Warm Welcome by Shiv Shakthi Mandal and every villager in Jaulkheda

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Sankalp Singh Solanki (CEO & Founder of Frigus Technologies)was welcomed by the Shiv Shakthi Mandal on the School annual day occasion at Jaikheda, Maharashtra on 6th of February 2020.

He got a very warm welcome to his birthplace for appreciating his successful journey and achievements. Shiv Shakthi Mandal and every villager are proud to have Mr. Sankalp Solanki as a role model and guide to the upcoming youngsters in the village of Jaikheda. He gave a valuable speech which shares his successful journey and it inspires the students and youth to get success in their life.

This honour given to me on my birthplace is strengthening my spirit!

We salute the heart of Shiv Shakti Yuva Mandal Multai and all the villagers! In the future too,


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